What Should I know before setting up a multi-monitor setup

Setting a dual or triple monitor setup used to be quite expensive and rare. You had to have an incredibly high budget to buy the gaming hardware, the monitors and the stand. This all together was an incredibly expensive endeavor and most low-mid budget gamers simply couldn’t get the required hardware. Now, with cheaper and better gaming GPU’s and CPU’s available and plenty of monitors under 100$, you can setup a multi-monitor setup quite easily and on a budget.

After buying a triple monitor stand and some good thin bezel monitors, you might be asking yourself: How do I set up a multi-monitor gaming setup? Don’t worry, this guide will guide you step by step to building your multi-monitor setup.

Factors to know –

  • The first thing you want to do is extensively research and understand your budget and preferences (stuff like resolution, refresh rate, panel types and others), if you don’t know these, take time to research, nothing worse than realizing you don’t have half of the stuff you wanted in the first place.
  • You should also make sure your graphics card can support multiple monitors, you need to look at the output ports on your graphics card to make sure you have enough to use with your monitors. Make sure that the outputs match up with the inputs of all of your monitors, if they don’t, consider upgrading your card to a better model.
  • AMD has a type of technology known as Eyefinity, which makes it much easier to setup a multi-monitor gaming platform. Luckily for AMD users, practically all AMD Graphics cards have Eyefinity, although it is wise to consult your guide or the internet to see which AMD Cards are Eyefinity compatible. Nvidia also has a similar technology known as Surround, it functions similar to Eyefinity and allows for easier configuration of a multi-monitor setup.
  • Also make sure your displays are compatible with your graphics card and also work well in a triple monitor context. If your display has thick bezels it may be advisable not to use it, rather try finding a good bezelless monitor.
  • Make sure your games are also compatible, if you don’t play games that are compatible with triple or dual monitor setups, what is the point of buying and getting a triple monitor setup working? You should check out this great list of games that are compatible with Nvidia’s Surround and AMD’s Eyefinity. Even if your favorite games aren’t on that list, it still may be compatible, you should research on the internet specifically on that game to see if its compatible or not.


What Should I know before setting up a multi-monitor setup
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