Resolutions, Panels and types – Which monitor is best for me?

A lot of people often ask what is the best and most ideal display resolution for my specific setup? This depends on several factors that we will discuss in this article. Your overall gaming experience can be affected by your display resolution.


What is your use for the Monitor?

If you are planning to use the monitor for casual streaming, you don’t need a high-resolution gaming monitor, a mid-range good USB monitor could work, a lower end budget gaming monitor could also work as well. If you want to use a triple monitor setup, there would practically be no monitors that would work except bezelless monitors. Make sure you know your use before you decide to buy.


This is a no-brainer, some people want better image quality than others. Most people don’t want to have a 640×480 monitor do they? However some people are perfectly content with a 720p HD monitor and don’t care much for a 1080p or higher resolution display. Preference plays a big role in which monitor you will want to buy. Some gamers care more about image quality than they do response time, so they choose an IPS panel (Click here for our guide on the differences between IPS and other panel types). Or maybe someone wants to use less power consumption, so they decide on buying an LED or IGZO panel monitor instead (This guide will explain what those panel types are)


If you are are low on cash, you can’t really get a 1440p monitor. That type of monitor is simply too expensive for someone with a budget of 150 dollars, although a portable monitor will be. Your budget will severely restrict your options especially if you go below 200 dollars available. It simply won’t be feasible to get a high-spec monitor in that case.

Gaming Hardware

Assuming you are using your monitor for gaming, your monitor resolution will really depend on what sort of gaming computer you have. If you have a budget GPU, CPU, less than 6GB of Ram, you are probably not going to be able to play 4K resolution on Ultra settings, it simply won’t be possible. You should make sure that your gaming hardware can handle the high resolutions you demand of it. (Unless you are planning to upgrade said gaming hardware)

How long do you wish to use the monitor

If you are planning to use a 4K monitor for over 2 years, its fairly unlikely 4K will go out of date by then. A 720p or 1080p monitor is different, they will probably become obsolete by 5 years time. If you plan to use a monitor for an extended period of time, don’t settle for the lowest resolution possible, try to get a higher resolution monitor so you don’t have to constantly upgrade.


Resolutions, Panels and types – Which monitor is best for me?
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