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New Panel Types – IGZO, LED, PLS.

Many people often look at our gaming monitor guide and wonder what the heck IGZO, LED or PLS even mean. This guide should help them find the information they need to make a decision about finding a gaming monitor.


IGZO stands for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide, its not technically a new panel type, rather its a different chemical then usually used in the monitor frame. The different chemistry of Indium and Gallium (Two rare and expensive earth elements) such as better movement of electricity through the monitor frame allow the IGZO panel to have much better response times, pixel density, color reproduction, power consumption, image quality and replication and much more. However this does not come without a downside, its more expensive than traditional IPS and TN Panels, so this technology is usually not available for budget gamers. Technically the IGZO technology is not a panel per-say, its a different TFT technology (TFT is basically a fancy term for monitor backframe), so it can be paired with different types of panels to enhance them (The enhancements we showed in this paragraph are talking about IPS monitors)


LED panels stand for Light-Emitting Diode, an LED Panel can offer several different advantages over a traditional panel type. They are electrically efficient, better in terms of response times (under 1ms), color reproduction, image quality and replication, and better contrast. All of this seems really great, there must be a downside, right? Unfortunately yes, these monitors are very expensive to produce so they are naturally very expensive to buy, some of these monitors are well over 1000 dollars, not only that but they are also quite hard to find (if you discount online stores like Amazon, Ebay or other) most retail electronics stores will not have LED panel monitors available for affordable prices. This is the one major downside of LED panels.


PLS is a new panel technology made by Samsung, it is a good economic incentive for Samsung, its cheaper and more efficient to produce. However this is not the only benefit, it has better viewing angles, this makes it slightly better in the eyes of enthusiast gamers although most people will not know or care about the difference. It is derived from IPS panel technology, its a sub-panel type.


New Panel Types – IGZO, LED, PLS.
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