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Should I get a high refresh-rate monitor or not?

When trying to find the top gaming monitor, you may stumble across these different types of refresh rates and wonder to your self what the heck these are and what do they mean in the context of the situation. We’ve created this guide to help you understand what these are.

Refresh Rate –

What is refresh rate exactly? Well refresh rate is essentially a complicated way of saying how many frames per second can your monitor handle at its maximum peak? Assuming you have the right GPU, RAM, CPU and hardware to handle it. In layman’s terms, if you computer can churn out 130 FPS, and your gaming monitor has a 120 hz refresh rate, you can only get at most 120 FPS showing on your monitor. While a 144hz monitor will not have this concern. The difference in pricing between monitors is most prominently shown by the refresh rate, higher refresh rate monitor are much more expensive in general than a lower refresh rate monitor. This is a crucial factor in deciding the best gaming monitor for you. If you are looking to build a multi-monitor setup for gaming, this will also apply to buying a no bezel monitor.

Which refresh rate is for me?

Gaming –

For gaming, this is a no-brainer, it depends on your budget and preferences. If you have a low budget, a 144hz monitor will simply be out of reach for you. A high budget gamer may have the money to buy a 144hz monitor, but may decide against it due to personal preference. A gaming monitor will work regardless of either, 144hz is obviously the better choice for high-frame rates, but can your computer even handle such a high frame rate? You may need to sacrifice something else like video quality (you may need to use low-medium settings in your game, or even change the resolution) or buy better gaming hardware to satisfy this need, therefore many people simply decide against buying a 100+ HZ gaming monitor. Other factors like Panel Type also have an impact (Also look at our guide on new panel types)

Casual Browsing and Surfing

Casual browsing and internet surfing has very little concern with refresh rate, have you ever asked yourself, do I need to have a high frame rate on this video? Or a website like PandaTechie? Exactly, refresh rate matters very little outside the context of gaming. If you are simply looking for a monitor for light surfing or browsing, try buying a portable monitor instead. The more important thing in this case is actually resolution, read our guide on monitor resolutions for that.


If you are a gamer and have a high budget + gaming hardware + overall desire, a 144hz monitor is a great choice for getting those ultra high frame rate buttery smooth gameplays. Otherwise, a 144hz monitor is not really a big deal. More importantly look at your overall framework/computer, desires, budget and what not to see if you want a high refresh rate monitor.

Should I get a high refresh-rate monitor or not?
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