Display Panel Types – TN, IPS and VA. – Differences and Comparisons.

A lot of people new to gaming probably have no idea what a “display panel” even is. Here at PandaTechie we’ve decided to create a more in-depth guide to understanding the different types of display panels there are on the market today. We created this guide with the three most popular display panels on today’s monitor market. We hope this guide will help you decide which type of monitor to buy. With this guide, you can now more readily find the best gaming monitor for you.

IPS LCD Display Panel –

IPS stands for In-Plane Switching, it is undoubtedly the highest quality of the three display panels we have on this list. IPS panels have better colors + viewing angels than both TN and VA. The IPS technology can offer a near 180-degree viewing angle, they have better image accuracy and color replication. However all of this doesn’t come for free, IPS Monitors usually have much higher prices than TN and VA monitors, and their response times are slightly slower. Enhanced color + image quality makes up for that 1-2 ms difference.


AHVA – Basically uses the same technology as IPS, they trade-off color quality, replication, image quality and price for better speed and accuracy, its a good middle of the way for gamers who don’t want to sacrifice any gaming performance at all for better color reproduction, quality, image quality and replication.

Super PLS – Samsung’s brain child, it uses slightly modified IPS panel technology to be cheaper, more efficient to produce have better viewing angles. It’s almost the same as IPS with some slight adjustments to better it’s quality, however it shouldn’t really make a difference to most people.

TN –

TN stands for twisted nematic, its the cheapest, most available monitor panel type available today. The reason is simple, its cheap and it works for most people. Most people won’t notice the difference in viewing angles, nor will they care if they do. Color reproduction isn’t mandatory for people who don’t game on extremely high settings, on low-medium settings the color reproduction won’t really make a huge difference. Twisted Nematic Panels have substantially worse color reproduction and viewing angles, image quality and replication also suffer, however this comes with an upside, its mostly cheaper and also faster (Response times can be low as 1ms) This is a big plus for many enthusiast gamers.

VA –

VA stands for Vertical Allignment, VA panels are the in-between the two major options IPS and TN. They offer better color reproduction, image quality and replication, price and viewing angles than TN monitors do and they also offer better response times than IPS. However they don’t have a specific point of interest like TN monitors (Response time for Gamers) or IPS monitors (Color reproduction, Viewing angles, Image quality and replication), it is basically a in-between option for people who don’t want to have one of those aspects seriously harmed by having either IPS or TN.

Display Panel Types – TN, IPS and VA. – Differences and Comparisons.
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