The Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2018

What is one thing that many hardcore gamers often forget when they are setting up their gaming area?

A Gaming Mouse Pad

This and gaming chairs are often left out.Laugh at us for how trivial that might sound but a gaming grade mouse pad has many benefits for your gaming experience. A gaming model will help with better, more consistent movement speed as well as better ergonomics than the usual. At competitive level gaming a mouse pad is essential when the difference between your team losing or winning the game is a couple of milliseconds. A good model will also help you develop muscle memory for those shots that require accuracy and quick movements to be successful.Finding a good gaming tier model can be quite difficult on your own, that is why we’ve created this buying guide for gaming mouse pads with in-depth reviews for each model available here. Please know, a good gaming mousepad can always be the difference between a loss and a win.

Our Picks for the Best Gaming Mousepads

Hard mouse pads

Hard mouse pads are generally of higher quality than cloth ones. They have better durability, consistency, and features that make them superior to their counterparts. Placed at a much higher price, however, these mouse pads are geared for more serious and enthusiast gamers. They also tend to have some fancy features due to their higher prices, such as LED lighting or better material.

Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting 89 / 100 Rating
Great LED Lights
Micro-Textured Surface
Razer Chroma Synchronization

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Corsair Gaming MM600 Dual-Sided Corsair Gaming MM600 Dual-Sided 93 / 100 Rating
Dual Surfaces
Industrial Grade Aluminum
Anti-Slip Corners

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Logitech G440 Logitech G440 85 / 100 Rating
For high DPI gaming
Hard Surface
Works well w/ Logitech

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Corsair Gaming MM800 Corsair Gaming MM800 88 / 100 Rating
PWM based lighting
Synchronizes w/other             Corsair RGB
Pass-Through USB Port

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Cloth mouse pads

Cloth mouse pads are more basic and cheap. They often don’t have some of the better features that the more expensive Hard mouse pads have but they usually have all the needed basics together. These should be your prime pick if you are on a budget and if you are a casual gamer or aren’t too picky.

SteelSeries QCK+ SteelSeries QCK+ 75 / 100 Rating
Good Cloth Surface
Budget Pricing
Rubber Base
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Corsair Gaming MM200 Corsair Gaming MM200 80 / 100 Rating
Smooth Cloth Surface
Optimized for Gaming Mice
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Razer Goliathus Razer Goliathus 83 / 100 Rating
Has Ext. Size Option
Many options

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Roccat Taito Control - Endurance Roccat Taito Control – Endurance 81 / 100 Rating
Cloth Surface
Large 400x320mm Size
Good Pricing

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In conclusion we’ve laid out our picks for the best gaming mouse pads, now it’s up to you to pick the one you want the most. Do you want durability? Get a hard model with polymer. Want fancy features like LED Lighting and cross-device synchronization? Go for the high-end models that include those features. Want a basic model with less features but the basics intact? Try picking a cloth mouse pad.

Hope you’ve had a blast reading our guide for gaming mouse pads!

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The Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2018
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