Best Gaming Desks – Buying Guide

How many of you also create whole gaming setups for yourself, creating a nook or a corner or an area in your room to play your games in enjoyment and peace. How many of you get the best gaming hardware (computers, monitors, speakers, mouses, keyboards, etc..) and spend countless hours finding and researching everything to make your gaming heaven a reality?

Gaming desks are always a great addition to any gaming setup. They provide better space, ergonomics and flexibility than a random table. I know a lot of you are enthusiasts and love to have perfect gaming setups with everything perfect, but I often see something missing very crucial and important from many setups – gaming desks.

Here is our researched, in-depth guide for buying a great gaming desk. We provide an in-depth review for each desk along with this table below for reference.

Top 10 Gaming Desks

Atlantic Gaming Desk


The first thing we liked about this desk is the space and accessories available, it includes several great accessories such as: Headphone storage, a charging station, power strip holder, cup holders, storage areas, a monitor stand and much more.

The entire device feels quite sturdy and well-made and the installation is a breeze, with all the extra accessories you won’t even need to have a dedicated storage area for your games. You can pretty much store everything you want in this desk and also charge your phone at the same time.

Overall for the price and quality this desk is a great buy and we would totally recommend, not only does it include a large and spacious desk environment but it also includes a plethora of accessories that will save you time and money.

DXRacer Gaming Desk


This is the only selection on this list that is specifically designed for gamers and it really stands for DXRacer’s good reputation amongst gamers (Link to DXRacer gaming chairs guide).

The durable frame is made from wood, steel and ABS. The design is a special double triangle design which provides great support and durability as well as a 10 degree angle slope which provides good support and ergonomics for your arms.

The spacious desk environment quite easily houses a good keyboard and a mouse, as well as a great cable management system with 4 storage holes to wire your cables through. The 360 degree trapezoid feet provide great durability, stability and support for your gaming equipment.

This desk is a bit pricey but you are getting a desk that has been designed by a well-known brand (DXRacer) for gamers. You get a well-made desk with plenty of space, features, and durability.

BHG L-Shape Computer Desk


Here is another great budget offering with a spacious desk environment, plenty of great features including: a sliding keyboard shelf, L-Shaped desk for extra space, an additional upper shelf, good space, and more.

The desk’s L shaped curved center creates a lot of space for a monitor and other gaming peripherals, the slide-out keyboard shelf also has a decent amount of space for your gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. An extra added upper shelf is designed for other things such as a router or a printer or anything else you can think of or want.

The desk is also quite sleek and aesthetically pleasing with a nice finish and look. The parts also seem quite durable and made from sturdy materials, the entire desk fits well into a nook or corner of a room and enhances the style of the room instead of looking out of place.

In conclusion you get a great budget gaming desk along with good parts, style, durability, a lot of extra space and features for a decent price. We totally recommend to people who want a cheaper/budget gaming desk.

Somerset 71W L-Shaped Computer Desk


The Somerset 71W L-Shaped desk is a stylish, spacious and durable desk that is great for any gaming setup.

The Somerset includes a concealed storage area for a computer tower with cable management in the back of the storage area.You can place all of your extra stuff in the included box drawers. The L-Shaped desk also allows you to fit this desk into nooks and corners of your room and the pleasing aesthetics created by the cherry wood finish mean that the desk will be a great classy addition to any room you wish to place it in.

With adjustable shelves, box drawers, storage areas, great and classy looking cherry wood finish, and an L-shape. This desk has a very good amount of features and class for any gamer willing to shell out a couple more dollars for a desk.

This is by no means a budget desk but it looks amazing and classy and comes with a lot of extras. You should definitely consider buying this desk if you are looking for a sleek, pretty and aesthetically pleasing desk with a lot of space and features.

Altra Pursuit U-Shaped Desk


The Altra Pursuit isn’t really a just a simple gaming desk, it’s almost like a desk set meant to create an entire area in your room for gaming. It can be used not only for gaming but for general purposes as well such as a work station, a study area, basically anything you want and it provides a lot of space to.

This is by no means a budget desk but it sure does provide a lot of space with a U-shaped configuration, meaning you have the entire area around your chair to use as a desk. This amount of space allows you to store pretty much anything you want, there is ample space for a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, speaker, mouse-pad, web-cam or pretty much anything you want.

It also has an elegant wood construction and a crisp finish with great looking aesthetics. The PVC surface is also designed to be incredibly stylish and keeps the desk looking fresh. You can create a dedicated gaming area with this desk easily, it’s quite large but it will fit in most rooms and provide a great addition to any good gaming setup.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


This is a rather plain looking desk but it’s budget pricing and lack of any cluttering makes this a great choice for those who want an easy and pain-free experience when buying and assembling a desk.

The most standout feature of this desk is the easy assembly/setup, simply unfold and assemble the desk together. It takes literally only about one minute to completely set up the entire desk. You can also fold it back to the original assembly position to store the desk without any fuss or mess, no screws, no complicated disassembly, just plain folding the desk into the proper position and you’re all set.

You can easily store your computer components on the bottom rack and also store your keyboard and mouse with optimal space on the top with the monitor, it doesn’t have as much space as some of the other desks but it’s enough to fit your essentials such as your keyboard and mouse and some extras as well.

It’s a great buy for the price. Good value and easy assembly in minutes of arrival. Good for any budget buyers.

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk


If you are looking for a good looking desk at a decent budget price and a great L-shape to fit in the gaming corner of your room, the Tribesigns Modern is a great choice to consider when looking for a gaming desk.

The L-Shaped design is great for extra space, unlike a traditional design the L-shape allows you to have extra space on the side for storage and support. An L-Shape also allows you to place the entire desk in a corner or nook of your room.

This desk also includes a spacious desk environment, along with a foot rest. You get a good and comfortable environment to place your monitor, keyboard and mouse along with any extra you may wish to add along.

OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk with Keyboard tray


For those who don’t care much for fancy features like extra storage, or wood finishes, or an L-shape or a U-Shape configuration. Those who just want the essentials, a space for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and gaming computer. This is the desk for you.

It’s a rather small desk, with some space for extras with 27.5 inch width by 19 inch depth, the model also has plenty of room for your essential keyboard, monitor and mouse on the pullout keyboard tray. It has the space for your gaming computer on the bottom shelf and some extra storage.

The desk is made of solid PVC, MDF and steel. It feels well made and quite durable when assembled correctly. It can support up to 150 pounds, which is plenty enough for your computer, keyboard, mouse, printer, router and much more.

It’s overall quite plain looking and aesthetically not so pleasing, but it does the job and it has a great price. The budget price combined with good basics and essentials makes this desk ideal for those gamers who don’t care as much for more extras and features.

Techni Mobili Deluxe L-Shaped Glass Desk


With an L-Shaped profile along with a glass desk surface, this desk is sure to be a great fit in your gaming room and also be aesthetically pleasing. It has all the essentials and also some extra space due to the L-shaped desk profile.

The build quality and material is quite high quality, It is made of durable high-quality MDF Panels with a 8mm frosted heavy duty durable glass surface and laminated PVC veneer all supported with strong a strong and durable steel platform.

The pull-out keyboard tray also has enough space for all your essentials (keyboards, mouses) and the glass desk platform also has plenty of room for your monitor and other extras. The L-shape allows you to place a large amount of space for extra items to place.

This is a  great platform with an L-shaped profile, all the essentials, good aesthetics, high build quality and good spaciousness. It comes at a premium cost but it’s worth it.

Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation


The Bestar Workstation is a great looking, L-shaped, spacious with durable construction. This is a great choice for anyone who wants the essential storage for your computer, keyboard, and mouse, with some extra jazz such as the L-shaped desk, corner fitting and the storage box.

The sleek and modern looks are great, when you put this in your gaming room you are sure to be pleased by the aesthetics of this desk. The spacious design of the desk is great for putting pretty much anything you want on it and the corner piece is a great piece to put your monitor or monitors on (It has enough space for a multi-monitor setup ).

The keyboard desk is quite sturdy and durable and has enough space for all your essential components and the overall build quality of the desk is outstanding. It is a bit heavy for a gaming desk but it gets the job done and the materials that were used for the building process seem quite durable and sturdy.

Overall something you should consider if you want a nice looking desk and aren’t afraid of a premium price, the desk is durable, sturdy, spacious and also and aesthetically pleasing.


We hope you had a blast reading our buying guide for finding the top gaming desks, we hope this guide will help you find and buy the gaming desk you need.

When it comes to it the main thing about choosing a good desk is your opinions, desires, concerns. There is a ton of variation in choices for all the desks you may want, just select the desk with the features you want (L-shape, U-shape, extra space) and decide which model you wish to buy.

Have a great day!

Best Gaming Desks – Buying Guide
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