Best Fidget Spinners

Quality spinners from specialty stores can run you at 40-50 dollars each, a cost that seems excessive for a small metal toy. A much cheaper way to get a fidget spinner is to obtain an import through Amazon or Ebay, but it can be very hard to determine which spinner is actually good due to fake reviews and a huge amount of listings.

Our team has tested dozens of affordable fidget spinners and have picked eight fidget spinners to recommend on this guide. All these fidget spinners are affordable and are of good construction. Because the several types of imported fidget spinners are sold by dozens of sellers under different names and brands, we will give each spinner a generic name and link it to a reputable seller.

NameMaxboost Tri-SpinnerGeneric Rainbow SpinnerTIITC SpinnerVictorem Aeroship DolTech 3DAngry-Wolf Nousts Copper
ColorsBlack, WhiteRainbowBrassSilverBlack, Blue, PinkSilverCopper
Bearing TypeCeramicSteelSteelSteelSteelR-188 SteelSteel
Spin Time2-3min2-4min4-5min4-6min2-3min4-8min6-9min
Construction QualityMatte plasticAluminumMetal Ring w/ plastic spokesCNC Zinc AlloyCNC Aluminum Alloy w/ matte finishCNC brushed stainless steelCNC copper

What to Consider When Buying a Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner probably won’t be close to the top of the most important purchases you make this week or month, but it’s still good be armed with info to find a high quality spinner.

Metal vs. Plastic

Fidget spinners come in two types of construction, metal or plastic. Though there are a lot more metal spinner designs than plastic spinners, most of the fidget spinners you will see everyday are a variant of this tri-spinner:

Generic plastic tri-spinner

you can get these cheap plastic spinners from any store these days, but they are awfully generic and have pretty lackluster internals. Though a metal spinner doesn’t necessarily spin faster or quieter than your standard plastic spinner because that all depends on the ball bearing construction, a high quality looking metal spinner will decimate a generic plastic spinner nine times out of ten.

Apart from aesthetics, the main differentiating factor between plastic and metal spinners is weight. Metal spinners tend to weigh more than plastic spinners, and and plastic fidget spinners almost always have extra weights to allow for longer spin time. Metal spinner can also vary in weight. A copper spinner will weigh much more than a similar sized aluminum fidget spinner since copper is a much denser metal. Heavier spinners are not necessarily better than a lighter one, for that is up to the user to decide.

Wood fidget spinners do exist, and they feel much more similar to a plastic spinner than a metal spinner.

Metal vs. Ceramic vs. Hybrid Bearings


Ball bearings are the most important part of your fidget spinner because they facilitate the spin motion. In its simplest form, ball bearings are balls locked in between circular layers of metal on each side. They are designed to spin with as little friction and noise as possible. This subject is really only relevant for hardcore fidgeter with huge spinner collections, but here is a quick overview.

Metal Bearings

 Made of steel alloys



Can be corroded if lacking chemical resistance

Hybrid Bearings

 Ceramic with steel rings


Low vibration


Resistance to chemical corrosion

Ceramic Bearings


Made of Silicon Nitride (SiN4), Alumina Oxide (Al2O3), Zirconia Oxide (ZrO2), or Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Low vibration

Immunity to chemical corrosion

Best Fidget Spinners
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